Why Do We Laugh? The Science Behind Laughing, According to Experts

There’s way more to our giggles and guffaws than simply thinking something is funny. We asked a laughter expert to explain.No vocalization is more universal (or unifying) than laughter. There are no language or cultural barriers—everyone everywhere understands the concept—and there’s no learning curve. “Babies don’t need to have seen or heard laughter to know […]

7 unforgettable places to go trekking in Morocco

Few countries boast such impressive natural diversity as Morocco. From its balmy coastline to the remote landscapes of its interior, the country offers visitors everything from relaxed beach breaks through to mountain escapes. Yet trekking in Morocco remains the highlight for many. Beginners will enjoy gentle forays into the Atlas Mountains in summer, while tacking […]

Best things to do in Norway

1. Explore the beauty of Geirangerfjord Shadowed by rearing mountains, the S-shaped Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most stunningly beautiful fjords. Any approach to Geiranger is spectacular. Arriving by ferry reveals the village tucked away in a hollow at the eastern end of the fjord while approaching from the north by road involves thundering along […]

The 5 Best Beaches in Africa in 2023

Dotted with thriving, colorful coral reefs, sandbars, lagoons, and mangrove swamps, coastal Africa’s beaches are diverse and each one offers something different. So what are the best beaches in Africa and what makes them stand out? After analyzing the different climates around the coast and islands, natural features, ocean life, and nearby activities and sights, […]